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Commercial Leasing Services

The primary goal of our leasing and marketing program is to efficiently lease, the available space to qualified tenants at market rents. A successful leasing program is the result of implementing the following four actions:

1. Readiness – Readiness is the ability to perform, or being prepared to complete all aspects of the transaction including; a) having an approved lease and tenant work letter; b) establishing market rental rates and tenant improvement allowances; c) establishing a project team including space planner, and contractor; and d) preparing the vacant space in an attractive “pre-leasing” condition so the space is ready to show.

2. Direct Target Marketing – Important to any program is the direct exposure of the available space to prospective tenants. Our marketing program has two priorities; a) identifying and contacting tenants that are physically located close to the property, and b) contacting tenants who by category and use would be interested in the property. Once tenant leads are identified we tenaciously follow-up to identify their interest and their qualifications.

3. Cooperation of the Brokerage Community – MaKensay is in constant communication with the brokerage community through digital mailings, targeted personal phone calls and through our membership with CBA (Commercial Brokers Association) and through and CoStar. It is essential to expose the property as broadly as possible to maximize our marketing efforts.

4. Closing the Deal – All of the marketing efforts are unproductive if the lease transaction is not negotiated and closed. The initial step in closing is to get a meeting of the minds in a non binding agreement and then tenaciously closing the deal with a binding lease.

The following is a small sample of MaKensay’s leasing experience:

Polson/Western Buildings
619/625 Western Avenue
Seattle, WA
120,000 RSF
6 story mid-rise office and light manufacturing and artist loft buildings
The Globe Building
105 S. Main St
Seattle, WA 98104
71,000 RSF – 4 story historic brick building. Home to Seattle Parks Foundation, Alliance for Pioneer Square and Crosscut Media.
The Kobe Park Building
633 Yesler Way
Seattle, WA 98104
27,000 RSF
4 story Historic office building with adjacent parking lot.
Colonial/Grand Pacific
1119 First Avenue
Seattle, WA
31,000 RSF
4 story historic rehab building with restaurants, office space and retail space.
Lowman Hanford Building
61 First Ave.
Seattle, WA
25,997 RSF
7 story historic office building with ground floor retail space.

Sample of Current and Previous Leasing Clients

Office Leases

  • Qualtrics – Office Lease of 46,000 sq. ft. – 501 First Ave. S. Building
  • Intracorp – Office Lease of 7,000 sq. ft. – Merrill Bldg.
  • BMC Corporation — Office Lease of 8,226 sq. ft. — Penthouse Pacific Building
  • Berryman and Henigar – Office Lease of 7,909 sq. ft. — Pacific Building
  • BodyPoint Designs — Office/Production Space Lease of 12,900 sq ft. — F B & P Building
  • G. Russell Knobel & Associates — Office Lease of 6,293 sq. ft. — Market Place North
  • Horton Lantz and Low — Office Lease of 6,900 sq. ft. — 222 Dexter Building
  • McCullough/Fikso Law Group — Office Lease of 3,641 sq. ft.- Columbia Tower
  • The Paper Zone – Office Lease of 5,558 sq. ft. — Provident Building
  • Perbix Bykonen — Office Lease of 4,800 sq. ft. — 9th and John Building
  • Rocket Pictures Inc. — Office/Production space of 7,308 sq. ft. — 615 8th Ave. S. Building
  • Wolf, Art Inc — Office/Production Lease of 7,670 sq. ft. — 1944 1st Ave. S. Building

Retail Leases

  • Molly Moons Ice Cream – 1,200 sq. ft. in the Rainier Edmonds Bldg.
  • Bartell Drug Co. — Retail Leasing of 15,572 sq. ft. — Bank of California Building
  • Betty Lin aka Betty Blues — Retail Lease of 2,332 sq. ft. — Corona Building
  • Current Lighting and Furniture — Retail Lease of 15,300 sq. ft. — Polson Building
  • Deep Interiors Furniture — Retail Leasing of 3,544 sq. ft. — National Building
  • Emerald City Guitars — Retail Lease of 3,100 sq. ft. — St. Charles Building
  • McKinnon Furniture — Retail Lease of 11,070 sq. ft. — 1201 Western Building
  • Modeles Furniture — Retail Lease of 4,463 sq. ft. — Waterfront Place Building
  • Subway Sandwiches — Retail Leasing — Several locations
  • Starbucks Coffee — Retail Leasing of 1,800 sq. ft. — 4822 Rainier Ave. S. Building
  • Versailles Furniture — Retail Lease of 5,400 sq. ft. — Maritime Building

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